Beyond the usual formats.


From a set of creative, technological, video production and communication skills, a new offer is born for companies that need to bring events to digital. Overcoming the usual logic.


Engaging and getting attention

The lockdown accelerated a transition that was already underway.

The typical problem of capturing the attention in online entertainment and advertising has become a business problem.

To engage the public, online professional events are called to take care of completely new creative and production aspects to ensure the consistency of the message and the fluidity of the experience.


Coordinating content and experience in a coherent message

We put together the creative, technological, video production and communication skills of Neon 2020 and the in-house production company Neon Production to make the virtual experience memorable and engaging as well as to enhance the presence of the company and the sponsors.


We offer everything you need to make the digital event a real event and to give participants a unique experience.



  • Harmonization of the best technological solutions for the implementation of the digital events platform
  • Integration with existing solutions taken the customer
  • Creation of a unique, recognizable and customizable design system
  • Presence of a solid technological partner

Event management

  • Realization of the event schedule, designed according to the customer’s needs and the technical structure of the event. This is the soul of the event, the framework on which to organize all the content that will be delivered.
  • Production of value-added audiovisual content to be enjoyed before, during and after the event.
  • Digital event direction: management of the studio, management of guests in connection and all contributions to be sent in playout for streaming.
  • Screenplay and art direction.

Additional services

  • Choice and supply to participants of high-profile audio and video material to fully enjoy the event (e.g. headphones, webcams, etc.)
  • Provision of an audio / video production studio


  • Digital event communication with strategic consultancy, creativity, advertising, PR, digital and social communication activities
  • Flexibility
  • Different types of content possible for different needs: conferences, fairs, press conferences, institutional conferences, exhibitions, conventions, presentation of products and services, distance learning, business meetings, virtual tours, webinars, etc.

Cost saving

  • Compared to the physical event, reduction of organization and travel costs


Specific packages are available to meet the most common needs. For example:

  • Press conference / product launch
  • Workshop
  • Convention / congress
  • Staff meeting
  • Entertainment and culture / Festival
  • Music Tour / Virtual Tour
  • Web TV

It is however possible to create ad hoc solutions for specific needs.


Don’t hesitate to contact us to find out all the possibilities to create your web event!

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